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Apparently, one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written is the How I Got Rid of the Flies on my Bushes post. It has been read nearly 1,000 times since I posted it this time last year. Not the billions of hits larger blogs enjoy, but that’s a lot of attention for this old man and his discombobulated blog.

This year – instead of pulling off each bloom cluster by hand – I tried another remedy and it worked wonderfully and in only 5 minutes. I sprayed the bushes with an insecticide called Demon Wp. I shouldn’t have been surprised since I’ve been using this stuff since 1990 back in Birmingham Alabama.

Short answer: Mix one packet of Demon Wp with about 2/3 gallon of water in a pressure sprayer and spray on the blooms and leaves. Flies will be gone in minutes.

Note: According to the packaging, if you live in California, you should NOT use this product for outdoor fly control. If you live in New York or Connecticut, you’re out of luck there too because it cannot be shipped to those states.

Demon WP and I go WAY back to the late 80’s when I found myself in a losing battle with urban cockroaches. We tried everything short of a high dollar professional exterminator. Not that there’s anything wrong with the pro’s, but we were very poor and could not afford the service. We tried all sorts of residual sprays, powders and even those bug “bombs.” You know the ones, those aerosol cans that would spew their poison into the air resulting in us having to remain out of the house for a few hours until it settled onto every surface of our home. Nothing worked! Oh sure, we would be free of the little critters for a few days, but they would always return. It was as though they saw the cans being placed on the newspaper and went on holiday for a while until it was safe to re-infest.

Keep in mind, this is long before Google and Research “back then” was done the old fashioned way; asking friends, family, co workers and even using the always reliable phone book. You remember those, don’t you? I Googled – eh, I mean looked up “pest control” in the 3 inch thick phone book and one listing just jumped out at me – almost like one of those pop up windows I dread so much now. “Do it Yourself Pest Control” was the listing that caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to get over there!

The fine people at Do It Yourself Pest Control (I don’t think they are open anymore) recommended Demon WP, told us how to use it and sold us the wonder powder. I got it home and mixed it in one of those old fashioned aluminum pressure sprayers and got busy. I sprayed everywhere I could, I even used the little tube tip to get behind and between the counters. Since it is water based, I did NOT spray into the power outlets or switches, but I was tempted. I mixed another batch and sprayed the crawl space and even the outside walls near the ground.

I didn’t see a cockroach, water bug, spider or ant for 18 months. No really! 18 months!

I have used it ever since!

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Our home in Bowling Green KY – out in the country in the midst of dense hardwood trees – became overrun with the fearsome brown recluse spider. My eldest son fell asleep watching TV in the family room one night and was bitten by a spider. Carrie took him to the doctor and they applied some cream and sent them home. Carrie pulled couch away from the wall and found a leggy spider that looked a lot like a brown recluse. She called the doctor back and was instructed to bring the spider and the boy back to the office. They confirmed it was indeed a brown recluse, changed the treatment of the bite and recommended that we have the home fumigated for spiders. HA, I don’t need no fumigator! I have Demon WP!!!

We mixed a batch of our wonder powder double strength – as instructed on the labeling – and took to the attic, walls, ceilings and everywhere we could spray. In the morning we found several spider corpses throughout the house. About six months later I guess there was another hatch because we saw one or two spiders in the basement so we repeated the double strength application again and they were gone. After that, we included the attic in our springtime spraying and have not had a brown recluse since.

So why didn’t I think of using Demon WP on the bushes? I don’t know, maybe it was that I didn’t want to kill the flies, I just wanted them to go away. The bushes are doing their thing and the flies are doing theirs. But this year I went terminator on those little buggers because they were everywhere! It also seemed that by pruning the blooms last year, it resulted in double the number of blooms this year. It seemed like it anyway.

This year I just decided to let modern science take care of my fly infestation. Maybe there are people who don’t agree with the method, but it worked for me and maybe it will work for you too. Whether you use the bloom pruning, non-toxic method, or the wonder powder of death method, I hope you found this post useful.

Oh, speaking of popular blog posts. In the past seven days I have had nearly 60 different search terms for looking up flies on bushes. My favorite one was, “tons of flies in my bush.” Favorite only because it made me chuckle. No matter how you found me, thanks for reading.

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